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payment policy


Medical services are provided and billed by Prahran East Medical Centre. Our doctors are all vocationally registered, with services rebatable by Medicare, directly at the time of payment.

Prahran East Medical Centre is a private billing clinic.

Telehealth and telephone consultations are charged at the same rate as consultations in the clinic. Medicare rebates shown below apply to in-person and telehealth consultations. From July 1, rebates for telephone consultations have been restricted.


Standard Consultation (under 20 mins): $100 (private) or $72 (discounted*).

Medicare rebate $41.40.

Long Consultation (20-39 mins): $178 (private) or $122 (discounted*).

Medicare rebate $80.10.

Prolonged Consultation (over 40 minutes): $255 (private) or $167 (discounted*).

Medicare rebate $117.00.

For appointments after hours (5pm onwards) there is a $15 surcharge, with no discounts available.


On Public Holidays, a standard consultation of up to 20 minutes is $124 (rebate $53.65).


Other fees vary according to the service provided.

For surgical procedures, there is a $100 out-of-pocket Facility Fee for private patients, discounted to $30 to patients with a valid Concession Card.

*Discounted fees (around $30 out-of-pocket for Standard Consultations, not available after hours):

  • child under 18

  • student, full time

  • Health Care Card holder

  • Pension card holder

  • unemployed

Medicare Online and Safety Net


Technology is now available for you to automatically receive your Medicare Rebate into your bank account at the time of payment,  rather than manually claiming it later. This way, you effectively only pay the gap.


The Medicare Safety Net guards against excessive out of pocket costs during times when health services are needed frequently. It limits these costs in any given calendar year. Access to this scheme is via Medicare.

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